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Mt Cain Field trip

yesterday we went on a field trip to Mount Cain.  It was really fun.  I fell down a lot and did not really ski much.  I also chickened out on the bunny hill.  Skiing is not really my thing.  for the past little while my legs have been really hurting so it was even harder to ski.  I got a gross broose on my leg it was all thanks to the ski boots.  I dont like skiing.  I did take a little break and had a snow ball fight with my cousin and some other girls.  I didhave some fun skiing

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Harry Potter

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Pholosephers Stone.  In the part that I’m am at harry has just arived at Hoggwarts.  Harry Potter is areally good book.  I have all of the Harry Potter ooks on my Kobo.  I’m only on the first book because my Kobo has been dead for awile. Harry Potter can be really silly.

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Polar Bears


The polar bear can be up to 3m long. It has a huge weight of 650-680 kg (1500 pounds) male. Females are a lot smaller and their weight is about 300 kg(600 pounds). The polar bear has two white coats. It has a coat that repels water to help the bear swim.

It has a long white neck. Its huge webbed feet helps it glide swiftly through the water. It has five sharp claws on each foot, that means there are 20 in total. The claws help the polar bear hunt seal.

A polar bear has two small white ears and a small back nose that helps the polar bear smell the seals it hunts. It has a large amount of blubber under its fur and the layer of blubber is 10cm thick.


The places where a polar bear lives are pretty much anywhere cold. They live in the Noth Pole, Canada, and Greenland. Female polar bears live in dens with 1-2 cubs. Male polar bears simply lie down until they get covered in snow. A polar bear den is like a refridgerator, but it’s warmer in the den then it is outside. There is hole in the top of the den. It gives the mama polar and her cubs air.


The polar bear is a carnivore, that means they eat meat. Some of his favourite meats are ringed seal, dead whales that are washed up on the ice, walrus, fish, and smaller polar bears, that means they are cannibals. The polar bear’s favourite food is seal. It uses its keen sense smell to find a seals breathing hole. When the seal surfaces the polar bear catches the seal. A polar bears diet changes in ther summer. In the summer a polar bear eats plants, berries, mice, rabbits, and bird eggs.


Although a polar bear’s life might seem like they don’t have enemies, all animals have predators. A polar bear has enemies too. Other polar bears, walruses, and orcas can all be enemies.


Suprisingly enough, male polar bears can be enemies to small cubs.


People are an enemy too. The biggest threat is global warming. It’s melting the ice and causing polar bears to swim to ice that isn’t there. Or, they go to more permament ice.


We need to try and stop global warming. Polar bears need help.


Polar bears have cubs just like every other bear. Here are some facts about polar bear cubs.

A polar bear has 1-3 cubs ever 2 years. Lots of polar bear cubs die because they are born with no fur. A cub is called a boar. Female cubs are called sows. It is the same as pigs.

A polar bear can have cubs at 5-6 years. Mama polar bears gain wieght before they have cubs. Cubs drink their moms milk. Cubs can leave the den at 4 months old.

The polar bear is an interesting animal and so are its cubs.


Cool Facts

Polar bears really are very interesting. I have tons of cool fact about them. Here they are:

Polar bears have 3 nicknames: nanookapick, great bear, and ice bear. Nanookapick means great bear. Great bear is probably a nickname because they are the biggest bears in the world. Ice bear is a nickname because they live on the ice. They have sharp canine teeth designed to rip and tear. An amazing sense of smell belongs to the polar bear. It helps it find food.


A polar bear lives in Canada just like me. A polar bear runs really fast, in fact, they run at 50 km an hour


A polar bear is really cool.



A polar bear has adapted over millions of years. Polar bears can live in a climate like the arctic because of those adaptations.

Their feet are like slippers to help stay warm. A polar bear’s feet are webbed so they can glide swiftly through the water.

Their camoflauge white fur helps them hunt seals. It’s hard to see a polar bear when you have eye sight like a seal. The polar bear’s fuzzy white fur helps keep him warm. More hairs on top keep him dry when he is swimming. Blubber, 10 cm thick is under the fur. It helps him stay extra warm.


Polar bears run really fast, 50 km an hour in fact. That’s fast! Did you know that polar bears originally came from brown bears? They adapted from brown bears into polar bears.


Thats how polar bears became what they are today.

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My A.J. Eagle June Wizards

Three Lost Wizards

Hetty Rein, Marina Carny, and Jason McCaine 14 year old wizards are lost in the Grame Forest. Jason is not very good at magic. Hetty and Marina are kind and sometimes a little grouchy. They are very good at magic…

Jason led the way as they treaded through the woods. Marina called, “Look some Glaine berries. They’re great for magic sweets. We should take some home.” Hetty concentrated on a bush that looked like it was the size of a bucket. POP! The bush changed into a bucket. She picked up the bucket which still had some roots.

They started to pick berries. Once they had picked one bush clean they moved onto the next bush. When the bucket was full they were 2 km off the path because every time they picked a bush they went further off the path. They sat down by the last bush. Jason groaned, “I’m really hungry. How about we have some Glaine berries? The effect only lasts 2 mins.” They all agreed and started to munch berries. Jason ate a berry. He turned purple and clucked like a chicken. When Hetty ate one she turned into a cactus. Marina ate one and turned into a puddle. Two minutes later they were people again, although Marina was in a different place now since she had flowed away as a puddle and her coat was missing a sleeve because a deer had taken a sip from her.

They were sitting down when Hetty said, “We’re LOST! AHHHH!” They all started to panic and scream. Jason said, “Wait, why are we doing this? You see that tree over there with the big burl? We can use a hollowing out spell to make it like a home.” Shinggg! The tree instantly became hollow. Marina made a perfect hole in the burl. They crouched through the hole. Hetty set the bucket down in the burl. She said, “We should get sticks and twigs to make a door.” They left the burl to get sticks and twigs.

1 week later.

“Okay, okay, okay, so Hetty it’s your turn to cook. Jason you get fish and berries for dinner, and I’ll try and find the path. Let’s go!” Marina and Jason walked out the door while Hetty stayed inside. Jason was going to the river to fish with the rod that had they made with bamboo and long shoots of ivy. The hook was made of wood that was very neatly carved. He cast his line and caught a small red tailed catfish. It was tonight’s dinner. Now he had to get berries.

Marina was making a trail of erasing line when she heard the dinner blow. She came racing back. Marina crawled through the door to find fish and berries on burdock leaves they had used as plates. They dug in once dinner was ready. After that they fell asleep.

Two days later Jason came running back yelling, “I found it! I found it! We can go back now!” They followed the trail that Jason laid out to the trail. They all ran back home.

And that’s the story of Hetty Rein, Marina Carny, and Jason McCaine.

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Xtra math

This year my class is doing a math program called Xtra math. The goal in Xtra math is to master math facts. When you master a math fact you get really fast at it. First you master basic adding facts (there are 100 facts to master for each type of math). Yesterday I got 58 smiles in a row, smiles are the best mark in Xtra math the next best mark is check mark, but the marks you don’t want are timers. You get them when run out of time to answer the fact. Then the X is the worst. It’s when you get a fact wrong. Once you master adding it moves to subtracting. Then after you beat subtracting you get multiplication. When you defeat that then you’re onto division. When you finally beat that then you have beaten Xtra Math. Today I beat adding in Xtra math. The subtracting was hard. It’s still fun.

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easter eggs

Easters fun
All the kids find Easter eggs
So so much fun
Tall kids, short kids, all kids, finding Easter eggs
Easter bunnie’s coming to town
Red eggs, blue eggs, yellow eggs, all hidden

Every egg hidden every where
Gota find them
Gonna find them
Still if you don’t find any eggs it’s fun

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Science Fair

We’re having a Science Fair today but we had 4 weeks to work on our project. My project is Yeastie Beastie. It’s when you take 5 plastic bottles and you put different ingredients in the bottles.

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100’s Day Hop

100’s day was to today. We all brang a colection of 100 things mine was a colection of 100 was of marbles, two other people brought 100 marbles to. there were centers to we did them whith a partner my partner was Trista. The centers were:
100 math questions
Coin Flip
Patern Blox
Race To 100
Race To 100 (there were two verions)
100 book
The centers that Trista and I did were:
Race To 100 one and two
100 Math Questions
I think that was all. Last year was fun on 100 day and this year to. If you go to school I hope your 100s day is fun.

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Gung Hay Fat Choy

Gung hay fat choy!  Today it was a Chinese New Year and at school there was a feast!  On the menu there was rice, 3 varieties of stir fry, oranges, grapes, cookies and the coolest Chinese dragon cake.  Before we ate Mrs.Mckee wanted us to clap. The stir fry tasted magnificent! The peas were very crunchy and the mini corn was great. The oranges were juicy and they tasted great. The cookies, well I didn’t actually have one, but I’m sure they were good too. The grapes kind of popped in your mouth.  The dragon cake was vanilla with blue, white and purple icing. It was delicious.  All the things I tried were awesome!
There were also really cool looking decorations. On the way in there was a really cool Lego dragon. It was red and white with a black eye. Hanging from a string were some lanterns. Chinese New Year was one of my favourite days of the school year.

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